Its name originated from philosophy phrase
“Le volonté de tous” of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

It means the will of all and it is the total of what one individual wants. E.J., who is a creative director of the VOLON, believes that the fashion is for someone who appreciates it, not just to own. It is her mission to create sophisticated styles beyond fashion products. In 2013, she introduced her very first collection in Paris, inspired by the perfect balance between classic and modern, fashion and art. Her love for music, furniture and interior design naturally became highly important assets for the brand and leads to a unique style. Korean culture always has been her core inspiration. The shape of a bag is often inspired by Korea traditional bag, clothing, or architecture. As an example, a pattern from ’Cindy Flower’ was inspired by Han-bok, Korea traditional clothes. Our new design ‘Gabi’ from SS20 Resort, in Korean language, has a meaning seashell in brief form.

We have been continuously expended the ideas of “New-tro” and “Modern Classic”, and we came up with “The New Old Things”: Injection of something old, different and new. “The New Old Things” will be carry on through the next few collections.